Polazište za čekanje

The protagonist of the movie is the small and crowded Croatian bus terminal in Rijeka the living-room of a town on the threshold of changes. As the plans for building a promised larger bus terminal are overshadowed by the busy preparations for Croatia's entering the EU, the old station "Zabica" continues serving as the crossroads for tourists and an integral part of the local community; where collective or individual memories and struggles are at disposal, cuddled and teased, subtle but salient. We follow the daily routines of the employees at the station's shops, the café, and the ticket office, the bus drivers and cabbies, the homeless and the drifters, the permanent visitors and the passersby, to discover a sporadic community in its vain, but persistent efforts at patching up the gaps of a worn-out system.

Zemlja: Croatia

Vrijeme izvođenja: 44 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2013

imdb rating 7


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