Iz sve snage

As the sun of the New Wave was setting, a new music scene was being born which passed under the large record companies’ radar. The underground scene in Croatia was incoherent, many tried to find their way through different subspecies of post art rock and new wave. Zdenko Franjić, a former employee of the National Bank of Croatia, a passionate lover of underground, psychobilly, garage rock and indie music, decided to establish an independent record label. The label was independent in every sense of the word, he financed it himself and copied the tapes he issued, he made his own covers and revealed new bands. The peak was the vinyl edition called "Bombardiranje New Yorka", a compilation that turned everything upside down…

Zemlja: Croatia

Vrijeme izvođenja: 80 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2023

imdb rating 7


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