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Former Yarn and Thread Factory Dalmatinka Sinj was one of the most successful textile companies in Yugoslavia. Since its establishment in 1951 to the beginning of the 90's it was the basis of economic life in the town of Sinj, Croatia. It also had a key role in the emancipation of women who made 80% of its workforce. Recorded in 2017 during the end of the bankruptcy proceedings and in 2018, when the factory was sold to a company that intends to change its function to a business center and venue for wedding receptions, the film represents an epitaph for the factory and its workers. Movements of cotton and thread in the ruins of the famous factory, the remnants of machines and empty halls are interwoven with scenes from the experimental film Threads, filmed in the golden days of Dalmatinka.

Zemlja: Croatia

Vrijeme izvođenja: 15 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2019

imdb rating 7


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