Andrija Matijaš Pauk

Documentary about one of the hero's and legend's of the Croatian civil war Andrija Matijaš Pauk.From the battlefronts of Zadar and Dubrovnik to the excellent way he lead the tanks in Operation "Storm" .His tragic on the second to last day of the Croatian Civil War on the entrance to the town of "Mrkonjić Grad". His 4th Guard Brigade added to their name the nickname "Pauci" meaning Spiders. This documentary by Darko Dovranić from 2018 shows the life of Andrija Matijaš.It is logical that most of this documentary is set during the Croatian civil war rather then the times of peace,because after all in the hardest moments the biggest heroes shine in the dark. About "Pauk" talk about the men that fought alongside him as well as his mother Anka and his wife Nada which decided to gift the "Pauk's" legacy to the safe keeping of the country he died protecting.

Žanr: Documentary




Vrijeme izvođenja: 52 minuta

Kvaliteta: HD

Otpustite: 2018

imdb rating 7


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